What are the benefits of Virtual Terminal?

  • Accept card-not-present transactions over the phone, via email or app

  • Increase convenience for customers as they won’t have to be physically present for payments

Who is eligible to use Virtual Terminal?

Virtual Terminal is available to many businesses, however, there are some we cannot support, please refer to the “Restricted businesses for remote payments” list on our restricted businesses section to check your business' eligibility for taking remote payments.

What are the business requirements?

To protect you and your customers, there are some requirements for you to fulfil before you can use Virtual Terminal.

When submitting a request for Virtual Terminal, please be aware that you will need to have strong proof of your business’ online presence. Please provide us with links to your business’ online presence such as websites or social media.

We can verify your business with any of the following documentation:

  • Business registration number

  • Employer Identification Number/Copy of Employer Identification Number letter

  • Registration documentation issued by the official authorities

  • Annual business tax returns

What does it cost?

For every transaction with Virtual Terminal, we charge a flat fee of 2.95% + £0.25. There are no other costs for using this service.

How do I sign up for Virtual Terminal?

  1. Send your request for Virtual Terminal to the Support Team from the email linked to your SumUp profile.

  2. Fill out the Virtual Terminal application form that we’ll send you and send it back to us.

After we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll notify you of our decision.

How to use Virtual Terminal

You’re all set. Check out our Step-by-Step Guide for using Virtual Terminal, making it easy for you to start taking remote payments.