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Online Store

Get Online Store order notifications

Organise your Online Store by deciding how you get notified when a customer places an order. Toggle email and push notifications and select who receives them.

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Change the name of my Online Store

Want to change your Online Store’s name and URL? Here’s how to maximise your control of branding and SEO by editing your Online Store’s URL and store name.

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Add delivery methods to my Online Store

Add shipping options to your Online Store. Defining delivery regions and shipping fees so your customer can get their orders directly to their door.

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Add collection methods for Online Store

Create collection options for items ordered on your Online Store by defining collection points for customers to choose from.

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Customise my Online Store URL

Create and add a custom domain for your Online Store to give it a unique, personalised address.

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Deactivate my Online Store

Temporarily unpublish your Online Store so it’s not visible online. While unpublished, your Online Store won’t be visible and it won’t be possible to make orders. You can also permanently delete your Online Store.

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Set up my Online Store

You can open your Online Store in four easy steps. Discover how to get started so you can start selling online with SumUp.

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Send customer order updates with Online Store

Change which notifications your customers receive when ordering from your Online Store. Choose whether to send pickup notifications or order fulfilment emails and edit the content of the emails your customers receive.

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Manage my orders with Online Store

Nobody needs more admin. SumUp's Online Store makes it easy to check and track orders and then update their statuses all in one place.

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Edit my Online Store Terms and Conditions

Provide clarity for your customers by including Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy on your Online Store.

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Change the language of my Online Store

Change the default language of your Online Store to ensure your store is always in the language your customers speak. Here’s how it works.

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Customise my Online Store

Redesign your Online Store with the Store Editor to suit your company's needs by changing the layout and style to match your brand and optimising SEO.

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What's Online Store?

SumUp’s Online Store is all about making it easier to sell your items online. Here, we’ve gathered answers to important questions about how to use your Online Store.

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