My reports

My Reports

Find out about all the reports available to you as a merchant, so you can get the most out of SumUp and take your business even further.

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Send or export payout reports

Send or download your payout reports so you can always access them when you need them. Take control of your reports and use them to help with your accounting.

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Check my transaction status

Check your sales history to see if your transactions were successful and see the status of all the payments you've received. Here's how it works.

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Assigning transactions

For security measures, we don’t save the name of the cardholder so names won’t appear in your payout reports. If you still want to be able to assign certain transactions to certain customers read this article for some tips and tricks on how to get around this issue.

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Sales history

Your sales history contains a basic breakdown of all the payments you’ve accepted using SumUp.

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Fiscal compliance

Find out what you need to know about fiscal compliance and dealing with tax authorities while using SumUp.

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