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POS Lite

Set up the TM-m30III printer

From powering it on to setting up a connection, here’s how to get started with the TM-m30III printer.

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View sales insights

Get insights into your business’s sales, such as daily sales and your top-selling items.

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Categorise my items

Organise your item catalogue by adding categories to create virtual shelves for all your items. Discover how you can edit and delete categories to manage your items.

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Set up POS Lite

Turn your POS Lite on and sign in for the first time then customise your POS Lite setup by connecting different hardware like card readers and printers.

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Resolve printer connectivity issues

Printer disconnected? When the "Can’t connect device" error message shows, here’s how you can reconnect your printer to resume printing.

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Activate Bluetooth

Turn on your Bluetooth so you can connect to other devices to take payments.

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Is my card reader compatible?

Check if your card reader can connect to the smart phone, tablet or POS device you're using and what compatibility requirements there are for using our apps.

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Set up a barcode scanner

Connect a barcode scanner and configure its settings so you can scan and add items to the cart at checkout using barcodes.

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Set up cash payments

Start accepting and logging cash payments with SumUp by connecting a cash drawer to store all the cash you receive.

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My barcode scanner won't connect

When you scan the pairing barcode in the app or on your POS system, your scanner should beep three times. If it doesn't, you may need to troubleshoot your barcode scanner's connection.

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Add items to my item catalogue

Create an item catalogue to manage everything you sell in one place. Added items automatically sync everywhere you use SumUp.

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Take orders with POS Lite

Accept and manage customer orders on the checkout screen of your POS Lite, from opening orders to taking payments.

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Connect to the internet

Choose a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile network to connect your device to the internet and resolve common connection issues.

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Accept card payments

Accepting card transactions with a card reader is quick and easy with SumUp. Here’s all you need to know.

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Edit my items

Make changes to your item catalogue by editing item details or deleting items entirely.

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Is my printer compatible?

Check out which standalone printers are compatible with SumUp so you can start printing receipts for your transactions.

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Accept cash payments

The world isn't cashless yet. Here's how to accept cash payments with SumUp so you can track all your sales in one place, even when customers pay with cash.

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Is my barcode scanner compatible?

Check if your barcode scanner is compatible with the SumUp app and POS devices.

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Reduce the risk of chargebacks

The best way to reduce the risk of payment disputes is to ensure customer satisfaction at all times, but you can also take additional steps to take payments securely.

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Manage multiple orders

Open multiple orders at once and save them for later so you can take orders from more than one customer at a time.

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Connect a printer

Connect a printer to use with SumUp so you can start printing receipts after transactions or reprint receipts from previous sales.

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Connect to a card reader

Connect to your card reader via the SumUp app or a POS device so you can take orders and the accept card payments seamlessly.

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What’s the TM-m30III printer?

The TM-m30III is a specialist POS printer that can be connected via Bluetooth, LAN or USB to print receipts or kitchen order tickets.

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What's POS Lite?

POS Lite is a countertop POS solution that aims to simplify your checkout experience. Connect a card reader and manage sales and admin all from one place.

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