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Accepting payments

Refund payments

Refunding payments with SumUp is quickly and easy. Here's how to give your customer their money back if they change their mind.

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View sales insights

Get insights into your business’s sales, such as daily sales and your top-selling items.

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Accept contactless payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, you can accept various in-person, contactless payments right on your iPhone. No card reader needed.

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Resolve printer connectivity issues

Printer disconnected? When the "Can’t connect device" error message shows, here’s how you can reconnect your printer to resume printing.

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Apply discounts to orders

Add discounts to an entire order at checkout for special offers or add a sale price for a single item. Discounts can be applied as fixed amounts or percentages.

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Set up a barcode scanner

Connect a barcode scanner and configure its settings so you can scan and add items to the cart at checkout using barcodes.

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What's smart tipping?

Smart tipping offers customer a set of tipping options based on the transaction amount. Here’s how to enable smart tipping and customise tipping rates.

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My barcode scanner won't connect

When you scan the pairing barcode in the app or on your POS system, your scanner should beep three times. If it doesn't, you may need to troubleshoot your barcode scanner's connection.

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Accept card payments

Accepting card transactions with a card reader is quick and easy with SumUp. Here’s all you need to know.

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Accept cash payments

The world isn't cashless yet. Here's how to accept cash payments with SumUp so you can track all your sales in one place, even when customers pay with cash.

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Server error

In very rare cases, we may experience outages. Here's how to recognise outages and what you can do.

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Reissue receipts

Provide a second copy of an old receipt or simply send or print a receipt from a previous sale. Here's how it's done.

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Resolve transaction issues

Why didn’t my transaction work? From connection issues to transaction timeouts, here’s how to quickly fix transaction problems.

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Send receipts automatically

Automatically send receipts to certain customers after every purchase they make with you, without having to re-enter their details.

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Accept QR code payments

Share your QR codes with customers or print QR codes to display in order to start accepting payments with QR codes. Here’s how it works.

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Manage multiple orders

Open multiple orders at once and save them for later so you can take orders from more than one customer at a time.

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Set up tipping

Activate tipping and set your preferences for how tipping options are presented to customers, including the option to enable dynamic tipping options.

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Set up QR codes

Create QR codes so you can quickly and easily share your payment details with customers. Here’s how to start using QR codes.

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Connect a printer

Connect a printer to use with SumUp so you can start printing receipts after transactions or reprint receipts from previous sales.

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Contactless payments

Near field communication (NFC), otherwise known as contactless, allows you to take payments mostly without the need for PIN verification. Here's how it works.

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Accepted payment methods

You're able to accept a variety of card schemes and payment methods with SumUp. See the full list of accepted payment types to see how your customer can pay.

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What are QR code payments?

QR codes allow you to easily take contactless payments no matter where you are, allowing customers to simply scan and pay.

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How can I accept payments?

Check out all the payment-acceptance options available to help you take payments with ease. From card readers to remote payments, here's how you can transact with SumUp.

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