What can you do with the Business Account?

You can send and receive money from other GBP accounts free of charge. It isn’t currently possible to send to or receive from accounts in other currencies. Check out our guide to sending and receiving money with your Business Account.

Your Business Account is also connected to your SumUp Card, allowing you to make payments and withdraw cash. There’s more information on withdrawal limits and fees here.

What does the Business Account cost?

There are no monthly charges for the Business Account and transfers to and from your account are free.

How do I add money to my Business Account?

You can either top your account up by transferring money to it from somewhere else or you can set your payouts to go directly into your Business Account. Check out our guide on adding money to your Business Account.

How do I send money from my Business Account?

Sending money is quick and easy. Take a look at our guide on sending and receiving transfers.

Can I open multiple accounts?

Business Accounts are limited to one per legal entity. You’re free to open multiple entities, but each must have a unique email address and SumUp profile.

Does SumUp charge interest?

No, we don’t charge interest or offer interest-bearing products.