Sign up for Automatic Receipts

After making a purchase from a SumUp merchant, enter your email address on their device when prompted. Now, you'll receive receipts from any SumUp merchant you buy from when making an in-person purchase with the same payment card.

Unsubscribe from Automatic Receipts

You can unsubscribe from Automatic Receipts at any time simply by clicking "Stop these receipts" in the footer of any Automatic Receipts email. Alternatively, click “Stop automatic receipts” on the merchant's device after your next purchase.

Hit "I changed my mind. Send me receipts" at any point during the unsubscribing process to stay subscribed.

Re-subscribe to Automatic Receipts

Opt in again by entering your email or phone number again the next time you make a card payment with a SumUp merchant.

Change my Automatic Receipts information

You can update your Automatic Receipts email or phone number by clicking "Receipt settings" in the footer of any Automatic Receipts email. A screen will appear confirming your email address or phone number has been changed.

Data protection

In accordance with our privacy policy, SumUp will never share your information or data with anyone.