Delivery time

Our standard delivery time frame for orders is 2-3 business days (3-5 business days to Ireland). Kindly note it may take up to 3 business days for your payment to reach our bank account. Only after we have received your payment can we process and then ship your order.

Once we ship your order, you will receive a tracking link via SMS and email so you can follow your order as it's being delivered to you.

Shipping costs

Shipping is free as SumUp covers the shipping costs for all countries.

Changing your delivery address

Should you wish to change the delivery address after you have placed your order, please contact SumUp Support and they will assist you with this.
After the first delivery attempt, you may directly contact the carrier, provide them with your tracking link and request to change the delivery address.

Check shipping status

As soon as we have sent you the email with the tracking link, you will be able to monitor the delivery status of your order on the carrier’s website. It is possible that your package was delivered to an access point rather than the listed shipping address.

Make sure that you check the carrier’s website with your tracking link to ascertain the order’s current location. This is important to check in the event that your order has already been delivered to an access point. In this event or a lost package, please contact the carrier. Note that if the order is not picked up from the access point, it will be returned to us.

Card Reader Invoice

The invoice for your SumUp card reader will be sent your email address linked to SumUp after we have confirmed your purchase. In case you need another copy of your invoice, please contact our Support Team, and we'll gladly email you a PDF of the invoice for your card reader.

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