SumUp Air: Troubleshooting–a step-by-step guide

If you’re experiencing difficulties with connecting your card reader to your smartphone/tablet you've come to the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you through troubleshooting your Air Card Reader so you can go back to your sales as fast as possible.

Check this article first to see if your device is compatible with the SumUp Air Card Reader.

Note: Please check if you have the latest version of the SumUp App on a regular basis.

Update the SumUp App
For iOS users For Android users
  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Click on “Updates” in the bottom right corner.
  3. Find the SumUp App on the list and click the “Update” button next to it. If you can’t find the SumUp App on the list, your app is already up to date.

A Step-By-Step Guide

To start the troubleshooting, please close the SumUp App on your device. And make sure your card reader is not charging.

Step 1: Reset your Air Card Reader

    1. Turn off your card reader.
    2. Now hold down the power button of your card reader for about 10 seconds. On the screen, you should see "Hold for BT". Then, another message will pop up saying "Release for BT".
    3. Release the power button once you hear a beep. Now the Bluetooth chip in your card reader is reset.

Step 2: Turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone/tablet

    1. Open the settings of your smartphone/tablet.
    2. Click on device connection or Bluetooth connection.
    3. Please check here whether the card reader appears on the Bluetooth list.
      • If so, please remove the reader from this list.
      • If no SumUp device is shown here, please turn off the Bluetooth of your smartphone or tablet. Keep the Bluetooth connection disabled for at least 10 seconds to ensure that all connections are disabled. Then turn it on again.

Step 3: Connect your Air Card Reader manually

    1. Open the SumUp App and log in.
    2. Tap on the settings symbolDefault.png.
    3. Please open “Payment methods” and choose Air card reader.
    4. Please confirm the pairing request on your smartphone/tablet and make sure that the last 3 digits that are shown on your screen, match the last 3 digits of your card reader’s serial number. Tap “Connect”.
    5. You might need to confirm the connection by tapping the green tick on the Air Reader.
    6. Connection successful!

*Note: In the rare case that you were not able to re-connect your card reader, please repeat Step 3.

Most of the time your device should be connected now, but if you are still experiencing connectivity issues here are a few more steps that will help you:

Step for Android only: Clear Bluetooth data
    1. Open the settings of your smartphone or tablet.
    2. Search for Apps, Application, Apps & notifications, or App Manager.
    3. Tap on options and select "Show system apps" or something similar. In some cases, you need to select "Show all Apps" or "App Info".
    4. Find the app "Bluetooth" or "Bluetooth release" and click on it.
    5. Open "Storage" or "Memory", and then click "Clear data".
Step 4: Delete the SumUp App
For iOS users For Android users
  1. On your home screen push down lightly on the SumUp App icon until it starts to wiggle and an “X” appears in the left upper corner of the app.
  2. Now click on the “X” and confirm the deletion process by clicking “Delete”.
Step 5: Switch off your smartphone/tablet
Please turn off your smartphone/tablet. By doing so the Bluetooth chip in your device will automatically restart once you turn your smartphone/tablet back on, which could fix the connectivity issue you are experiencing.
Step 6: Reinstalling the SumUp App
For iOS users For Android users
  1. Go to the App Store and click on “Search” in the menu bar on the bottom.
  2. Type in “SumUp” in the search bar and tap “Search”.
  3. Click on the “Get” button next to the icon and your iPhone/iPad will download the SumUp App.

Now open the SumUp App as usual and log in with your email and password. Please try to take a card payment again to see if your card reader connects to your device.

Battery level

A low battery level can cause connectivity issues which is why we recommend charging your card reader. You can charge the SumUp Air Card Reader with the Micro USB cable included in the package. Just plug it into a power supply or a computer.

The battery level is shown on the display of the card reader as well as through the blue LEDs at the bottom of the reader. To view the battery level, press the power button and quickly release it again. Depending on your card reader’s battery level the LEDs will light up. One LED equals about 25% battery charge.

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