Getting paid with Mobile Payments

If you're new to the Mobile Payments feature, this guide will help you get started taking payments from your phone.

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Send a payment link with Mobile Payments by following these steps:

Step 1:
Log in to your SumUp Account on the app.

Step 2:
Enter the payment amount and an item or service description (optional) and tap “Charge”.
Note: We recommend that you enter a description as this will remind the customer of the transaction later and help you to avoid chargebacks.

Step 3:
For payment method, select “Mobile Payments”.

Step 4:
You’ll then be given the following options to share the payment link to your customer:

  • Show QR code: The customer scans your business’ QR code from your mobile using the camera of their smartphone.
  • Share payment link: The customer receives the link via email, WhatsApp or any other messaging platform.
  • Send via SMS: The customer is sent a text message.

Step 5:
After the customer has entered their credit card details and confirmed the transaction, you should see that the transaction has been approved.

Step 6 (optional):
If desired, provide your customer with a receipt via email or SMS.

We recommend that you always send receipts to your customers as this helps to remind them of the charges and therefore, helps you to avoid chargebacks.

You can now find this transaction in the Transaction History section of your SumUp account.
Note: A Mobile Payments transaction will be listed just like the other transactions made with your SumUp card reader, but in the Payout Report you will be able to see the difference in fees.

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