This section contains everything you’ll need to know about accepting card payments with your SumUp Air.

setupguideicon.png  General usage


Payment methods
  • Insert the card into the slot at the top of the SumUp Air with the chip facing you.
  • Tap the card on the display of the card reader for 1-2 seconds for contactless (NFC) payments.
  • Pay using Google Pay and Apple Pay by holding your smartphone/watch over your card reader.

For more information on accepting card payments, click here.

LED signals

Your device has 4 blue lights at the bottom of your card reader, here’s their function:

  • As soon as you switch on the SumUp Air, one LED will blink to indicate ‘power on’. It will continue to blink every 4 seconds to signal that the device is still on.
  • The LEDs also flash when a connection between the card reader and a smartphone/tablet is established.
  • If you’re processing an NFC transaction, a single LED will blink. Once the card is tapped on the reader, all 4 LED’s will blink.
  • The LEDs also signal the battery level of your reader. 4 LEDs indicate 100%, 3 indicate 75%, etc. If only one LED is blinking, it’s time to charge your card reader.
Some advice on handling your card reader

We recommend only using your device at temperatures ranging between -10°C and +45°C. Your card reader can be affected outside of this range, so we suggest not leaving it in exposed places for long periods of time e.g. your car during summer or winter.

To protect your SumUp Air from manipulation or tampering, we have designed it with security sensors in place. Make sure you always handle it with care and avoid force or impact to prevent the automatic security lock being enabled. Once triggered, the device will be permanently locked.

chargingicon.png  Charging

To ensure optimal processing speed, make sure your card reader is always at a charge of 25% and higher. We recommend charging it on a monthly basis, even if you don’t use your SumUp Air regularly.

You can view your battery level on the screen of your reader and via the LED on the card reader (see ‘LED signals’ section for more information).

Charge your card reader with the Micro USB cable included in the package by connecting it to a computer or power supply. Don’t worry, you can still use your Air Card Reader while it is charging, and once it is at 100%, you can process up to 500 transactions before charging it again.

connection.png  Connection

Your card reader requires a Bluetooth connection of 4.0 or higher. The SumUp App uses the internet connection from your smartphone or tablet, however, the file size of the data transferred between your device and card reader is very small and should not greatly affect your data plan.

generaluseicon.png  Sales history

In the "Sales" section on, you can find a list of all transactions performed with SumUp with details such as date, time and transaction amount. If you need to resend a receipt to a customer, this is where to do it.

menuicon.png  Settings

The following functions are available within the settings of the SumUp App:

Tipping Set the default tipping rate for your reader.
Printing Pair to a nearby printer.
Employees Add employees to enable them to use your reader.
Product Catalog Toggle on the switch to create your product inventory.
Taxes Adjust tax rates for your products and services.
Support Detect your card reader for pairing to your mobile, access or email our Support Centre.

myaccounticon.png  My Account

Your Merchant ID can be found in the top left-hand corner of You can find all of the other information relating to your SumUp Account below "Account".

refund.png  Issuing Refunds

Issue refunds with the SumUp App. Want to know more? Visit our Refund transactions article for more information.

powerofficon.png  Standby mode VS Power off

Your SumUp Air will go into standby mode after some time without use. But don’t worry, it will stay connected to your device. You can also power off your card reader by holding down the power button for around 3 seconds.

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