The Dashboard

The first page you’ll usually see when you log in to your SumUp profile is the Dashboard screen, a kind of homepage with quick links to frequently used features.

Sales, payouts and reports

In the “Sales” tab, you can find a list of all the transactions you’ve processed through SumUp as well as a variety of business and tax-relevant reports for you to download. You can also quickly refund transactions here.

Search and view the details of all your payouts. You can also view and download payout reports here and click on individual payouts to see every card payment included in that payout.

The “Reports” tab allows you to view and download reports for your business. Easily access your sales and revenue reports, transaction reports, payout reports, fee invoices, and more.

My products, SumUp Card, Sell Online and Invoices

From here you can manage your item catalogue by adding and editing all the items you sell.

The SumUp Card tab allows you to manage the money paid to your SumUp Card. You can use it to make transfers and check your account details. You’re also able to block your card from here if you need to. Find out more about the SumUp Card here.

Here you’ll find features allowing you to check your orders, manage shipping/pick-up options, and promote your online store. You can also create and edit your terms and conditions and privacy policy. Find out more about selling online here.

The “Invoices” tab is built to make it as easy as possible for you to create and send invoices. It’s loaded with features allowing you to manage product catalogues and import customer lists to ensure getting paid is never a chore. Get started with Invoices here.

Profile, Refer a friend, Shop and Support

Within the “My profile” tab, you’ll find options to edit your business, personal, bank and verification details. From here you can also manage your privacy options, amend your payout settings and change your password. You can also manage employee profiles.

Under the “Refer a friend” tab, you’ll find your unique referral link. You can find out more about referring a friend here.

The shop is exactly what it sounds like. Here you can quickly and easily order new SumUp Card Readers and accessories to help with your business.

Use the “Support” tab to get in touch with us. It includes a chat option as well as a phone number you can call and a contact form. We’ve also included a link to the Support Centre so you can find your way back here when you need a little extra advice.