Getting Paid - How Does It Work?

Payout timeline

SumUp processes your transactions and then transfers the funds, minus the SumUp fee, to your bank account as fast as possible. The type of card used and the bank of the cardholder determine the speed of settlement, but generally speaking, the payout should take 1-2 business days.

You get to determine the frequency of payouts, your options being daily, weekly or monthly payouts.

Track payouts

As soon as a payout is processed into your bank account, you will receive an email that contains a full breakdown of all transactions included in the payout. Payouts will be marked as SumUp payments on your bank statements.

But you can also easily track any payout you want by yourself through your SumUp Dashboard at as well as your SumUp App. Additionally, you will receive a monthly report with an invoice of your SumUp transaction fees.

Payout Journey

On your SumUp Card Reader or App, you will see that a transaction was successful after it has been authorised by the bank. Once it has been authorised by the bank, your money will immediately begin its journey to your bank account. The money will arrive between 1-2 business days after a successful transaction.

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