We send out payout reports to you whenever we settle a payout into your bank account. They are a great way for you to keep track of all your sales so your all your accounting becomes a piece of cake.

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Information on Payout Report

Think of your daily payout report as a single flower and your monthly payout report as a bunch of flowers bundled together into a bouquet.

Daily Payout Report

On a Daily Payout Report you will find all transactions that were included in the settlement that was paid out into your bank account earlier that day. Please note, that this doesn’t mean the money will be available on your bank account immediately. Depending on your bank and day of the week it might take up to 1-2 business days for the money to arrive in your bank account.

Every daily payout has a Payout ID (PID) that looks like this: Payout_Reports_PID.png

If you can’t find your Payout Report in your inbox you can search for the subject of the email (type “Daily Payout Report” or “Monthly Payout Report”). Please also check your SPAM folder.

Monthly Payout Report

On a Monthly Payout Report you will find every single daily payout that was transferred into your bank account during the previous month. Your monthly report is a summary of all your payouts.
It shows you exactly how much money was transferred into your bank account during the previous month.

You can use this report for accounting as it also has an overview of all transactions that were included in every daily payout during the previous month.

Please note that only settlements that were actually paid out in the previous month are included in the payout report. This is not an overview of all your sales.

For example, it could happen that you transact a payment on the 29th of May. This transaction will not be paid out during May but June instead. For that reason it won’t be included in your monthly payout for the month of May.
To find an overview of all your sales, please visit your SumUp Account at sumup.me.

You receive a monthly payout report at the beginning of the following month.


Along with every Monthly Payout Report we also send you an invoice detailing the total transaction fees for that period.

Resend Payout Report

You can resend Daily Payout Reports as well as Monthly Payout Reports to yourself through your SumUp Account. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Login with your account details at sumup.me.

  2. Click on “Transactions” in the menu on the left side of your SumUp Account.

  3. Underneath the green “Apply” button you will find a little paper airplane icon with “Resend a settlement report” written next to it. Click on it.

  4. A window opens which lets you choose between a report type.

  5. If you want to resend a Daily Payout report, click “Daily” and choose a day.


    You have to pick the date of the payout and not the date of transaction nor the day you received the funds on your bank account. You can find the date of the payout in your Sales History. Everything written in green accompanied by a bank symbol is a payout date.

  6. If you want to resend a Monthly Payout Report, click “Monthly” and choose a month and year.


Please note that you can't generate reports of the current day or month.

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