How Does It Work? - A Step by Step Guide

What Services Does SumUp Provide?

SumUp empowers merchants to accept credit and debit card payments anywhere with our intuitive, cost-effective devices. With SumUp, merchants can take cards displaying the logos of Visa, V Pay, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express.

Learn more about the heart behind our company here.

How do I get started?

Simply click on the blue "Get started now" button at You will then be guided through a 2-step registration process that will allow you to create an account and order your card reader.

Curious about our requirements to open an account? Click here for the information SumUp will need from you and here to learn about our bank account requirements. Still wondering if SumUp will support your business? Check out our list of Restricted Businesses.

What are the next steps?

Now that you are all set, just download the SumUp app on your phone or tablet. As soon as your card reader arrives, you can start using it straight away.  

1. Set up your card reader

Setting up your card reader is easy and fast:

After logging in to the SumUp App, enter an amount (minimum $1,00) and press "Charge". Your device will scan for the card reader and once found, the reader will turn on automatically.

Then you must confirm the pairing by entering the last 3 digits of your card reader's serial number and then tapping "Connect". Simply confirm the Bluetooth connection by pressing the green check mark on your card reader, and you have successfully connected!

For instruction lovers, we've a Card Reader Setup article just for you. And click here to see the technical requirements needed to use SumUp.

2. Process your first transaction!  

After pairing, your screen will return to the default page. Enter amount and tap “Charge”. Choose payment type and have the customer authorise the transaction. After this, you should see a green checkmark indicating a successful transaction! Lastly, you will have the option to send your customer a receipt.

Click here to learn more about accepting card payments and here to read about receipts.

3. Receive your payout within a few days!  

SumUp will process your transaction (within 1-2 business days) and then transfer the amount directly to your bank account after subtracting the SumUp fee.

Click here to see what minimal costs are associated with being a SumUp merchant and click here to learn more about payouts.

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