Here is how you can create a free Apple ID:

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1- Click on Utilities

2- Click on App Store

3- in the search bar, insert “SumUp Pos”

4- look for the SumUp Point of Sale app and click on GET

5- click on Create New Apple ID in case you don’t have one

6- Now you can insert all your personal data required

7- insert your mail, choose your password and click next

8- fill with all datas required and the secret questions

9- when asked about the payment/billing method, choose "None"

10- Apple services will send you a verification code

11- Insert the verification code you just received on email

12- continue and then...

13- press Get again

14- confirm download by clicking install

15- insert again your password if prompted

16- there you go!

17- choose your favourite policy about password pop-ups on the AppStore

18- when downloaded, you can notice the button “OPEN” close to SumUp POS icon


Please note that AppleID is free and not provided by SumUp, this procedure leads you to have an AppleID without any credit card records involved.





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