The aim of this guide is to show you how to accept card payments through our Virtual Terminal in your SumUp Account at


The fee is 2.95% + €0.25/£0.25 per "Virtual Terminal" transaction.

    1. Login to your SumUp Account at and choose “Virtual Terminal” in the menu on the left side.

    2. You will now see the screen below:


    3. Type in the amount that you want to charge and enter a description.

      Important: Entering a description is not optional. You will only be able to process the payment if you entered a description.

    4. Type in your customer’s card details into the corresponding fields. When you’re done, click “Continue”.

    5. SumUp will now show you a short summary of your sale. If all data seems to be correct, click “Process payment” to confirm the transaction.

    6. All done! You can now view this transaction like any other transaction in your Sales History.
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