FAQ for Former Payleven Merchants

Welcome to the SumUp family! To make your start with SumUp as easy as possible, we compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for you.

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What changed with switching to SumUp?

Generally speaking, nothing much changed for your daily business. You can still transact as usual using your payleven card reader except that you now use the SumUp App.
You also get some new features such as daily payouts, analytics of your business at your SumUp Account at sumup.me, Product Management directly from your device and track payouts as well as resend Payout Reports via your Sales History in your SumUp Account.


Daily payouts doesn’t mean that you will receive your money on your bank account after 24 hours. Other than payleven, we make payouts every single day which speeds up your payout timeline.

What’s the new payout timeline?

Once you did a transaction, it takes 2-3 business days until you receive the money on your bank account.

As soon as a payout is processed into your bank account, you will receive an email that contains a full breakdown of all transactions that are included in the payout. You will also receive a monthly Payout Report summarising the previous month at the beginning of each month as well as a separate invoice of all your monthly fees.

If you don’t want to receive daily payouts, you also have the option to choose between weekly and monthly payouts. Just contact our Support Team and we will help change the settings in your SumUp account (UK: support@sumup.co.uk, IE: support@sumup.ie).

If you want to find out more about payouts, click here.

Can I accept the same cards with SumUp as I did with payleven?

Yes, you can accept the exact same cards with SumUp as you did with payleven.

You can accept any card as long as a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, V PAY or Maestro logo is displayed on the card.

What can I do with my SumUp Account at sumup.me?

Here’s what your SumUp Account on sumup.me has in store for you:

  • Overview: Take a deeper look into your business with the stats of your transactions.
  • Transactions: Here you can find a list of all your payments that you have transacted using SumUp as well as your old payleven transactions. In addition, you can resend settlement reports, download reports of your sales (Excel or CSV format) and refund transactions. If you want to find out more about your SumUp Account at sumup.me, click here.
  • Shop: Here you can buy more card readers and you can view your order history.
  • Employees: Create and manage employee accounts for your staff. Learn more here.
  • Refer a friend: Invite your friends to SumUp and earn £20/€20 for each card terminal ordered. Read more about "Refer a friend" here.
  • Support: You can either visit our Online Support Centre or send a request directly to our Support Team.

Is there a product management option?

Yes, there is a product management option. We call it Advanced Mode here at SumUp and the Advanced Mode lets you do anything from creating a product in all its variations to organising them in their respective shelves.

If you want to know more about our Advanced Mode, click here.

Who can I contact if I’m experiencing problems? 

If you’re experiencing any problems with any of our services, please contact our Support Team via email (UK: support@sumup.co.uk, IE: support@sumup.ie) or by phone (UK: 020 3510 0160, IE: 01 697 1668).

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