Manual: SumUp Point of Sale (POS)

The SumUp Point of Sale (POS) system consists of three elements:

  1. Point of Sale Hardware
  2. Point of Sale App
  3. Point of Sale Cloud

1- Point of Sale Hardware

Our all-in-one starter package contains the following components:

  • the iPad is the core of your POS system. Our pre-installed SumUp POS App serves as the initial checkout interface on your iPad. It comes with the stylish SumUp iPad stand.
  • the receipt printer prints tickets and daily closings. If you wish, you can also print order tickets to manage orders internally.
  • the cash drawer is controlled via receipt printer. It opens automatically when cash payments are processed.
  • the firewall-router connects the iPad with the printer, the cash drawer and your internet connection.
  • the SumUp Air terminal allows you to accept card transactions through the SumUp POS App.

To get started with SumUp POS Hardware click here.


2- Point of Sale App

The pre-installed app is the central checkout interface. In the app you can pick articles, accept card- or cash-payments, add and edit customers, grant discounts or accept invoicing as well as open and close business days. We made the interface of the POS App as intuitive as possible so that you are able to fully
focus on your business and customers.

If you can't find the preinstalled app in the iPad please follow this guide 

To learn more about the SumUp POS app click here.

3- Point of Sale Cloud

In the POS Cloud you can manage the entire backend of the checkout system via a web browser. Here you can easily adjust all settings, add and edit articles, article groups as well as employees and configure the POS App's order screen. Additionally, you can view all accounting- and analyses-features with all transaction data (e.g. filtered by a desired time frame).​

To learn more about the SumUp POS Cloud click here.


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