Note: This article contains information about the SumUp Point of Sale app. If you are using the SumUp Start package, click here.

This article discusses frequently asked questions on the SumUp Point of Sale (POS) App:

  1. Features
  2. Other questions

1- Features


1.1- How do I accept orders with the SumUp POS App?

The process of accepting payments is explained in detail here.

  • Hint: In order to accept card payments, you need to have a separate, free SumUp account.

You do not have a SumUp Account yet

  1. Please click here.
  2. Enter the required information.
  3. You will be asked whether or not you want to order a PIN+ device. If you have received a PIN+ with the POS hardware package, please choose „I already have a PIN+ device“.
  4. Finish the registration by adding your bank details and confirm the registration via code on your phone.
  5. Open the SumUp POS App and enter the new account details in the process of your first card transaction.

You already have a SumUp Account

In case that you are already registered with SumUp, simply conduct your first test transaction in the SumUp POS App and enter your registered email address and the according password.


1.2- How can I void specific parts of an order during the checkout process?

To void specific articles during an order, click on the "Void" symbol in the payment option section.

You can now void single items by clicking on the "-" button. Each click on the symbol reduces the amount of products by one.

Click again on the "Void" symbol. A popup window asks you to confirm the void in the last step.


1.3- How are returns handled?

Article returns: on the same business day

If you use the „Inventory feature“, your voided articles will automatically be restocked.

  • Note: This process is only applicable to transactions that have taken place on the same business day as the return! Returns can only be conducted by employees with the respective rights. Note that card payments are not automatically refunded to your bank account!

Article returns: not on the same business day

Article returns, which are not conducted on the same business days the transaction, have to be initiated through the POS Cloud. For step-by-step instructions please click here.


1.4- How can I add discounts to orders?

By default you have the choice of four pre-defined discounts (3%, 5%, 10% and 15%). In order to use the discount simply conduct a transaction, click on "Discount" and choose the desired value.

Additional discounts can currently only be created by our support team.


1.5- How do I process tip in the Point of Sale App?

Before choosing the payment method you can enter the tip in the field "Tip" or "Total+Tip". This is also depicted here.



1.6- Is there a table management feature?

No. We currently do not offer a table management feature in our POS system. A checkout has to be finished entirely before the next order can be processed.


1.7- How do I add new customers in the POS App?

This slideshow explains how to add new customers in the POS App:


1.8- How does the employee time and attendance feature work?

In order to use the employee time management feature, please follow these steps:

Employees with the respective rights have the option of adjusting the working hours manually, e.g. if an employee forgot to log his or her hours.


2- Other Questions

This section discusses other, more general questions on the SumUp POS App.


2.1- How do I receive software updates for my Point of Sale system?

We recommend using both the latest iOS version as well as the latest SumUp POS App.

This is how you update your iPad to the latest version:

  1. Please do not conduct an iOS update during an opened business day.
  2. Open the iPad setting and choose "General" and next "Software Updates".
  3. Follow the instructions given on your iPad's screen. After finishing the update you also have to "trust" the SumUp POS app developer.
  4. Open the iPad settings, choose "General", scroll downwards on the right side and click on "Profiles & Device Management". Choose "Mujinzo Labs GmbH Ent" and click on "Trust Developer". Confirm this step and close the settings. You can now open the POS App.

This is how you update the POS App to the latest version:

You will receive an in-app notification if there is a new version of the SumUp POS App. You can simply click on "Update" button in the notification.

If you have not yet installed the app on your iPad or have just updated your iPad's iOS please follow these steps:


2.2- When I open the SumUp POS App, there is always a specific employee logged in by default. Can I change that?

Upon opening the SumUp POS App there is always one employee logged in by default. If you want to change that please contact our customer support.

To simply log in a new employee during the working days click on the employee's name in the top bar of the app and click on "Logout". The other employee can now type in his employee PIN.


2.3- Can I disable receipt printing?

In the lower right corner of the app you can see a button saying "Print enabled". By clicking on it you change it to "Print disabled" and "Print receipt".

If you have set the button to "Print disabled" no receipt will be printed.


2.4- What can I do if I opened/closed the business day by mistake?

In this case we ask you to contact our customer support.


2.5- What happens if the internet connectivity is discontinued?

The POS App can be used without an active internet connection. If the internet connectivity is discontinued you can not accept card payments since transactions can not be verified properly.

If you experience a disturbance of the internet we recommend you to fix it as soon as possible to be able to accept card payments and to enable synchronisation with the POS Cloud.


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