Accepting card payments–how does it work?

SumUp empowers merchants to accept credit and debit card payments anywhere.


How to get started?

Simply click on the blue “Get started now” button on our homepage. From there it’s an easy 2-step registration process.

  1. Create an account
  2. Order your card reader

Check our frequently asked questions for more information.

What are the next steps?

As soon as your card reader arrives, you can start using it straight away.

1. Set up your card reader

Setting up your card reader is easy. Check out our setup guides for detailed instructions:


SumUp Air: Setup guide


SumUp 3G: Setup guide

2. Accept payments quickly and easily

To process transactions enter the payment amount and tap “Charge”. You can also choose items from your Product Catalogue.

Regardless of your card reader, the final steps are the same: Insert or tap the accepted card and have the customer confirm the payment.

After a successful transaction, you’ll have the option to provide a receipt to your customer. ⇨ Learn how to issue a receipt here.

⇨ For more information around the topic of accepting card and cash payments, check out this section.

3. Receive your payout within a few days

SumUp will process your transaction within 1-3 business days (2-3 business days for Ireland and Malta) and then transfer the amount directly to your bank account after removing the SumUp fee.

⇨ Learn more about Payouts and Reports for accounting here.

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