As of January 1, 2019, due to the updated regulation (specifically articles 30a & 30b), Multi Purpose Vouchers are redeemable for several VAT rates, where VAT is due upon redemption of the voucher.
VAT on MPVs is only due at the time goods are actually exchanged or services are actually provided. Therefore, MPVs are sold (or generated through the Customer Management) free of VAT.
If you are working with more than one VAT rate in addition to 0% VAT (7% VAT, 19% VAT, and 0% VAT for example), you must use Multi Purpose Vouchers. It is not possible to issue a Single Purpose Voucher for 7% VAT and one for 19% VAT.

If you are unsure whether to use Single Purpose or Multi Purpose vouchers, please contact your Tax Advisor.

If you've issued vouchers before 2019 which are not yet redeemed, consult you tax advisor on how to redeem those.

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