Which SumUp Reader is the best for my business?

So you want to start accepting card and contactless payments, but you don't know which reader to buy? Below is a comparison of the SumUp Air Card Reader and the 3G Card Reader listing the features and advantages of each. It should help you choose the best card reader for your business. 

  Air_perspective.png SUMUP_3G.png
Name Air Card Reader 3G Card Reader
Accepted payment methods Accepted_cards__en-gb.png Accepted_cards__3G_en-gb.png
Price £29 / 39€ £99 / 99€
Description The SumUp Air is an easy-to-use card reader that connects with the SumUp App on your smartphone or tablet, to let you accept card and contactless payments. The SumUp 3G is a hassle-free way of accepting card and contactless payments from anywhere with a cellular network, without needing a WiFi connection or a smartphone.
Fees No monthly fees
No fixed contract
Just pay per transaction.
Features • Tipping
• Send, share and print receipts
• Sales history
• Manage products
• Manage employees
• Tipping
• Send receipts via email and SMS
• Sales history
• Manage products
• Manage employees
Common businesses Taxi drivers, hair/beauty salons, and craftsmen.
SumUp Air is a great all-round card reader.
Retailers, café/restaurants, and deliverer.
SumUp 3G is the card reader for you if you always have your hands full.
Requirements • SumUp App
• Smartphone or Tablet with iOS 9.0/ Android 4.4 or higher
• Bluetooth 4.0 (minimum)
• Just the 3G Reader
• Cellular network connection
Connection type Connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. Connects to 3G network via built-in data SIM card at no extra cost.
Battery 500 transactions on a single charge
50 transactions on a single charge
Charging Micro-USB cable included USB-C cable included

Learn more about our pricing structure here and check out this article for shipping details.

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